La Poma Bikepark was born in 2005 as a trail for the practice of dirtjump. With the sweat and hard work of its locals we have evolved and now, more than 13 years later, we have become one of the reference bikeparks worldwide, considered the best in Europe by hundreds of riders, in the top 5 in the world according to GMBN and one of the most coveted spots by both sponsors and riders. Some local promises such as Andreu Lacondeguy, Bienvenido Aguado or Adolf Silva became great international stars in La Poma.

30.000 m2 facilities

divided in 6 spaces

More than 17.000 collaborators

and riders that make it possible

Since 2005

being the reference bikepark


Parallel Speed & Style track

Our Dual is a circuit with two parallel lanes where two riders can ride at the same time, one next to the other without physical contact. Perfect to compete with your friend and show who has more speed & style! A track suitable for all levels thanks to its smaller size jumps, halfway between the pumptrack and the dirtjump.

Pump Track

For all levels

The Pumptrack of La Poma consists of different dubbies and superelevations to practice the inertia, the control of the bike and thus improve driving in general. In La Poma you will find 3 pumptracks of different sizes: a smaller one at the entrance of the park, perfect for children and beginners; and a bigger one, divided in two, where you’ll be able to practice speed or train for other modalities (BMX, downhill, enduro, dirt…)

Dirt Jump

The jewel on the crown

Our ​​Dirt Jump area is the space where the vast majority of the sand jumps of La Poma Bikepark are concentrated. We have 4 lines for different levels of difficulty: “campillito” (small trail), Trail line, MBA line and Big line. In the Big line, the center lane, the most experienced riders get to do tricks and spectacular figures in the flight. The team of La Poma is responsible for always maintaining these jumps in the best conditions.

Table top Jumps and Drops

Practice your flow and style

The line of plateaus and drops is one of the busiest circuits of the bikepark. It has smaller jumps that make it ideal for beginners, with flatter ramps and longer jumps. Thanks to elements such as wooden drops, it is also a great area for those who want to practice other disciplines such as enduro. In their most technical jumps, the riders will be able to improve their style, flow and technique on the bike.


Designed by César Cañas

Overcome the obstacles in our biketrial area designed by the 11 times world Trial champion César Cañas. In this discipline, balance and technique on the bike are the ones that make the difference. It requires a specific bike with a different geometry and plate-pinion ratio, to make impulse and overcome the elements such as stones, trunks, pallets or stringers without putting your feet on the ground.