Foam & Resi

Our technification area has a foam pool and a jump with soft reception (resi) where you can practice new jumps and landings. During 2018 the area underwent a complete transformation to make them suitable for all types of disciplines: bmx, mtb, roller, skate and scooter. The foam pit was completely renovated, while the construction of the resi added a new zone of technification designed to perfect the tricks and receptions.

8x9m Foam Pit

to practice new tricks

Resi landing jump

to secure your landings

With cement roll-ins

suitable for all disciplines

Foam Pit

New foam pool

The foam pool or foam pit was one of the first facilities that differentiated us from the rest of the bikeparks. During all these years it has been renewed several times, being the last one in 2018. In this latest version, we have a cement roll-in so that scooters, skaters and rollers can also enjoy this installation, designed to practice new jumps and tricks before performing them on the hard ground of the dirt or the skatepark.

Resi Jump

Soft landing for everyone

A new technification zone built in 2018 along with the renovation of the Foam Pit. It has a large cement roll-in with soft reception covered by a tarpaulin, which makes it perfect for bmx, mtb, skaters, rollers or scooters to perfect their landings before testing them on the hard surface. Our resi jump is the largest in Spain, so riders from all over the country come to practice their jumps in this space.